Five Administrative Duties Your Practice Staff Should Not Be Handling Anymore

Think about methods to eliminate repetitive work, creating opportunities for your staff to focus on more engaging projects and making their daily routines more efficient.

Five Administrative Duties Your Practice Staff Should Not Be Handling Anymore

Passing a Pen and Clipboard to Patient

When patients arrive for an appointment, it's necessary to gather or verify their contact information, insurance details, payment methods, and medical history. However, the traditional practice of immediately giving patients a pen and paper—or even a digital tablet—upon their arrival is becoming outdated. This method is not just slow but also demands considerable time.

The emerging trend is digital patient intake. With this approach, patients are sent an online registration form to complete at their leisure and convenience from home, prior to stepping foot into your office.

Standing By for Incoming Faxes

Your front office team has probably devoted ample time standing by a fax machine to receive orders, referrals, and patient information. Text, email, and digital scans now play a vital role in network communication.

Rather than waiting on faxes, utilize a swift, convenient, and secure digital portal to send and receive documents. Such a service typically notifies your staff of incoming documents, thus eliminating any needless downtime.

Manual Appointment Alerts

Automating your appointment confirmations and reminders is crucial for efficiency. Your staff can quickly glance at text confirmations, saving hours compared to calling each patient for the following day's schedule.

Send automated reminders via email or SMS for each appointment at strategic times:

  • 3 days in advance
  • 1 day before
  • 1 hour ahead of the scheduled time

Patients should be able to confirm their appointments with a simple digital response, negating the need to phone your office. An ideal system would have a dashboard that shows all sent patient reminders and their confirmation statuses as the appointment approaches. Caresuite is an excellent tool that can manage this process, offering automated solutions for sending appointment reminders and confirmations.

Requesting Patient Feedback

Eliminate the need for paper, stamps, and the effort spent filling envelopes. Opt for a digital solution that sends HIPAA-compliant patient satisfaction surveys automatically through email or SMS after their appointments.

This method offers patients a chance to voice their experiences directly to you and to others online. When feedback is received, address any concerns quickly. This demonstrates your commitment to listening and improving based on patient input, which can enhance your reputation gradually.

Sending Follow-Up Reminders via Postcard

Attracting a new patient is often five times more expensive than maintaining an existing one, highlighting the significance of engaging current patients and encouraging them to book future appointments. Utilize email marketing campaigns as a quicker alternative to traditional mail for this purpose.

With digital tools, you can craft, distribute, and track email campaigns, making it feasible to connect with your entire patient roster or particular segments effectively.

Craft compelling, visually appealing emails to inform patients about:

  • Events at your practice
  • Special promotions
  • Seasonal greetings
  • Reminders for yearly check-ups

Incorporate a clear call to action in your emails, providing patients with an easy way to schedule an appointment with just a click or tap. Employing a CRM system that features email tracking allows you to analyze open and click-through rates, helping you refine your communication tactics and overall strategy. Caresuite, for instance, could be an invaluable tool for managing these email interactions and tracking their success.

Boost Your Office's Efficiency

Contemplate strategies to eliminate monotonous tasks, thereby granting your employees more time throughout their day. This will not only enhance the efficiency of your administrative staff but also bolster their job contentment.

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