Online Scheduling Works, It's a Game-Changer for Thriving Dental Practices

Delve into the transformative role of online scheduling in modern dental practices, unraveling its power to navigate challenges and revolutionize patient care. Through real-life success stories from practices like Downtown Dental Fenton and Pacific NW Dental Center, discover the game-changing impact of platforms like Caresuite.

Online Scheduling Works, It's a Game-Changer for Thriving Dental Practices

In the dynamic landscape of contemporary dental practices, numerous challenges pose unparalleled hurdles. Soaring overhead costs, adherence to stringent infection control mandates, and the recruitment and retention of highly skilled staff all contribute to a complex business environment. Heightened patient concerns regarding treatment safety add another layer of complexity. Flourishing in such a demanding setting might seem implausible, yet the unequivocal answer remains a resounding 'yes!

Amidst these myriad challenges, the present era offers a unique opportunity to own or be a part of a dental practice. While various factors contribute to this, the transformative power of technology stands out. It is reshaping how dental practices deliver care, interact with patients, and oversee every facet of their operations. Both hardware and software empower dentists with enhanced capabilities, elevating the scope and quality of care while providing unparalleled insights into practice management. Undoubtedly, it's an exhilarating time to be a dentist!

One groundbreaking solution available to dental practices is the integration of real-time online scheduling using sophisticated and innovative tools. Patient preferences strongly lean towards the autonomy of scheduling their dental appointments online rather than being tethered to contacting their dentist directly. A recent survey underscores this preference, with an impressive 70% expressing a desire for self-scheduling. Notably, 65% of patients convey a higher likelihood of selecting a provider who offers online scheduling flexibility.

The Pivotal Role of Online Scheduling

Two thriving practices, Downtown Dental Fenton in Fenton, Michigan, and Pacific NW Dental Center in Spanaway, WA, exemplify success in contacting and scheduling substantial patient numbers through the Caresuite scheduling platform. Amanda Robinson, Practice Manager of Downtown Dental Fenton, shares their success with the Online Scheduling feature, consistently securing 35 new patient bookings via online scheduling.

Dr. Kwansoo Lee, Practice Owner of Pacific NW Dental Center, recently launched an emergency dental clinic, allowing patients with emergencies to book an appointment promptly. Since enabling online scheduling for his emergency clinic, they are experiencing an average of 100 new patient bookings directly through Caresuite's online scheduling.

Distinguishing Real-Time Online Scheduling from Appointment Requests

Real-time online scheduling offers immediacy as patients independently select a suitable day and time through the dentist's website, confirming their appointments without further communication from the practice. In contrast, online appointment requests necessitate practice intervention to confirm the proposed time, often entailing multiple attempts and causing frustration. Shockingly, 85% of online appointment requests remain unfulfilled.

As mentioned, Downtown Dental Fenton reports 60 - 80 online appointments monthly, with 35 being new patients. Practices incorporating online scheduling links witness up to a 75% surge in new patients. Emphasizing the robust reporting features of Caresuite, Amanda streamlines practice oversight. The platform facilitates identifying opportunities for unscheduled production, a critical need amid post-pandemic staffing challenges.

In the case of Downtown Dental Fenton, the Caresuite online scheduling platform revealed hidden efficiency opportunities, leading to a substantial increase in hygiene reappointment percentages and overall production. The tools provided by Caresuite not only measure progress but also foster patient engagement, making a tangible difference in the trajectory of the practices.

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